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Raymond & Miguel & special guest Josue

Gala Del Humor

Saturday, May 25, 2024
Doors: 6:30pm, Show: 8:00pm
United Palace
4140 Broadway, New York, NY 10033
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Raymond & Miguel grew up in a culture that values humor and laughter. They were inspired by the great comedians of their time and knew from a young age that they wanted to make people laugh. They started their careers performing in local comedy clubs. In the 1990s, they met doing sketch comedy on The Caribe Show and quickly gained a following for their unique style of comedy.

Raymond & Miguel's humor is rooted in everyday situations that Dominicans can relate to and their ability to connect with the audience is what really sets them apart from other comedians. Raymond & Miguel are not just comedians, but also actors, writers, and producers. In 2004, they created their own television show, El Show de Raymond y Miguel, broadcast on Telemicro. They also starred in the movie “La vida de los Reyes,” which chronicles their life and career.

Raymond & Miguel have won several Soberanos Awards in the field of humor. They were also crowned "The new kings of humor" by the legendary Dominican comedians Freddy Beras-Goico, Cuquín Victoria and Felipe Polanco "Boruga.”